Nashville’s Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) fosters an effective delivery of services in response to Davidson County communities affected by disaster.

Nashville VOAD’s goal is to provide knowledge and resources throughout the disaster cycle—preparation, mitigation, response, and recovery—to help disaster survivors in Davidson County communities.




No single member organization has all the answers for the challenges communities face. All work is accomplished through coordination, partnership, and respect. The Nashville VOAD recognizes and works to understand the unique lens through which members view their neighborhoods and/or communities.


Members will maintain  coordination through open and purposeful dialogue.  Member organizations will regularly share their  capacities, accomplishments, and commitments.  Nashville VOAD maintains good channels for sharing  information, listening carefully to each other, and  dealing openly with credible concerns.


Nashville VOAD members commit  to working together and not competitively toward  the goal of effective service to the community.  Members seek to match services to need. Through  planning and preparation, this VOAD equips member  organizations to “do their thing” while maintaining  coordination with the group(s).


VOAD members dedicate  themselves to working together to undertake  specific projects and achieve specific goals during  each phase of disaster preparedness, response,  and recovery.